I live and breathe cooking….that’s the passion and when your passion of cooking is fun then it is at its best. Myself Mary, sweet love of Anthony and mom of two lovely kids Shaun & Brian.

My friendship with cooking got initiated when I was just 8 years old. As I got an opportunity to grow in a cosmopolitan environment like Mumbai, my food has the flavor of various cuisines from different part of India. I always felt that the happiness of food what we enjoy should reach every part of the globe. Hence my fascination of cooking entered into the next level, where from early 2013, I started sharing the photographs of my cooking and recipes in Social networking platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc. I was amazed to see the likes and comments which highly motivated me to create my own page “Virtual treat for foodies” in Facebook which is all about food and kitchen. Every week I used to upload one recipe along with the steps involved in preparing the same in visual format (Photographs). The likes and appreciation by the members/followers gave me so much of inspiration that I never missed a single week to share and upload my recipes. This blog of mine will ensure you “Don’t Order….Just Cook”   .The simple recipes shared by me are  easy to cook and tasty to eat.

Well I don’t believe in diet food, I think one should eat everything in less quantity and work it out in any form. And if you want to eat more then work out more instead of avoiding tasty food.

I use my Samsung mobile to click the pics, so the quality will not be that great but yes it will serve the purpose.

Few things to keep in mind when you follow recipes – Always adjust masalas as per your taste buds. You can adjust oil also as per your wish .