Chocolate making



  • Dark chocolate compound – 500 gms [ I have used Morde brand ]
  • Milk chocolate compound – 500 gms
  • Plastic or silicon chocolate moulds
  • Wrappers as required [optional ]


The chocolates should be at room temperature .

Chop both the chocolates  into small bits .

Take it in a small bowl. [it should be dry ]

Take water in a bowl little bigger than the above .Such that  you can keep the chocolate bowl in it without touching the bottom and edges should be sealed so that water vapour doesn’t escape.

Keep on medium flame .

Once the chocolate starts melting keep stiring .[stirring is important for a smooth texture and even melting ]

Once the chocolate is melted start pouring in the mould with a spoon.

Tap the mould .Wipe of the excess chocolate around .

Refrigerate the chocolate for 15 mins.

Unmould the chocolates and wrap it .

No need to refrigerate once it has set .


Take the chopped chocolate in a microwave dish and microwave it on high with interval of 30 seconds till it is completely melted by stirring in between .

SHINY CHOCOLATES – We get edible colourful lustre powders in cake shops.Just brush in little lustre powder in side the moulds before pouring the melted chocolate OR  We can also brush on top of the chocolates after its is set.


1 – Dry fruit chocolate – Dry roast the almonds or cashew or walnut on low flame .Chop it and mix it in the melted chocolate .Set it in the mould. You can also add raisins.

Instead of chopping you can add whole dry fruits – fill half the mould with melted chocolate and swirl the mould so that the chocolate spreads. [ here you can refrigerate for 5 minutes ] Place in a whole roasted badam / cashew / hazel nut , again pour the melted chocolate over it to cover it.Tap it and refrigerate .For doing this you have to use a deep mould.

2 – Jam / Nutella / Peanut butter / caramel – can be also stuffed in in the above way using piping bags to fill .

3 – White chocolate – melted white chocolate can be drizzled over the set chocolates .

4 – 2 or 3 Colour chocolate – You can melt both the chocolates separately .first fill half with dark chocolate,tap it and set for 5 mins then top it with milk chocolate. You can even make of 3 layers milk + dark + white chocolate .

5 – Glittering chocolate – you get edilble glitters. Brush the mould with it before pouring the chocolate .The chocolate has a shine on the top

6 – Coconut chocolate – dessicated coconut mixed with condensed milk can be stuffed in the middle OR make mini bars of coconut + condensed milk, refrigerate it. Once it is set then coat it with chocolate and set it .

7 – Fruits like strawberries /banana can be dipped in melted chocolate .

8 – Wafer biscuits  can be coated with melted chocolate.

9 – Biscuits [ marie ] can be coated and set.

10 – Cake balls can be coated .

11 – Gulkand – you can stuff in gulkand.

12 – Pan – make a mixture of gulkand +  finely chopped betel leaves [paan ] + dessicated coconut and stuff it.

13 – Rum / Liquor – make a mixture of ¼ cup icing sugar + 1 tbsp  rum [old monk ] and stuff it . You can make a mixture of any liquor like vodka /rum/whisky/ brandy/gin  with any fruit crush or  honey  and stuff it .

14 – For adding liquor to the chocolate –  Melt the chocolate first and then mix in the liquor.

15 – Colourful chocolates – for colourful chocolates melt white chocolate and add edible food colours [oil based ]


  1. For adding essence to chocolates you have to use oil based .
  2. We also get mould which have a deep base with a lid for stuffed chocolates.
  3. While melting chocolate it should not come in touch with water in any forms not even vapours .

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