Cooking tips

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cooking tips

  1. Buy small ,green and tender vegetables .Wash vegetables before chopping them..and always buy ripe fruits .
  2. While chopping veges chop it small to reduce cooking time also children will not make any fuss while eating. For salads chop in same shape and size. Even while chopping for cooking sabji chop it uniformly.
  3. Either sun dry or fan dry the chopped ladies finger for minimum 30 mins to avoid stickiness.
  4. Add salt while sauteing onion or tomatoes to speed up the process.
  5. Instead of adding coriander leaves in the end for garnish ,try adding while frying onions or tomatoes .
  6. Instead of adding cornflour to soups ,add oats for healthy thickening version.
  7. Always add less less salt while cooking .
  8. While making curd during daytime – keep it in the sun – if you keep it in morning by afternoon it will be done . You can also keep it in hot box / casserole / pressure cooker .You can also preheat the oven and then keep ,it will consume less time to set . If you don’t have jaaman for setting curd – keep green or red chilli stalk over warm milk and allow it to set .
  9. To keep garlic fresh – peel it ,apply little salt ,keep it in a jar and store it in fridge .
  10. While frying crispy onions for biryani – slice it finely add little sugar abd lime – keep it aside for 20 – 30 mins , squezze out the excess water and deep fry it .Also while frying the onions if we add salt / sugar it speeds up the process of browning. You can even sun dry the onions for sometime if the quantity is too much
  11. Microwave the garlic for 1 mins to ease peeling .
  12. After boiling eggs – keep it in cold water to remove the shells easily. Add little salt while boiling to avoid breaking .Don’t boil in aluminium vessels – the vessel becomes black.
  13. Try having more leafy veges .Remember to clean it well before storing in fridge ,so that we can get rid of any worms etc .Also soak in water for sometime to loosen the soil or dirt on it .Cook green leaves in less water .Wrap leafy veges in newpaper and then in plastic bags to keep them fresh for a week .Clean methi leaves ,chop it – drizzle little oil and lime juice keep it in a container  in the deep freezer – it remains fresh and green .Wash the leaves in salt water .After boiling palak leaves drain and keep it in cold water to sustain its colour. Some wrap veges in foil /some in cloth. Store coriander,mint , spinach and all green leafy veg’s in butter paper it will last for a long time . Store curry patta  in glass jar, it remains fresh
  14. After frying paneer cubes keep in water for sometime.
  15. Desteem the curry leaves and store in glass jar.some also wrap veges in cloth.
  16. Store fresh lime juice in a glass bottle with salt at the bottom.
  17. While sautéing tomato drizzle little water .
  18. If idli batter becomes salty, adjust with rava.
  19. Add a pinch of cooking soda to the boiling milk it will not curdle.
  20. For instant dosa batter always add curd.
  21. The leftover dusting flourwhich v use for rolling chapAttis – collect it and use it later to knead sticky dough.
  22. Discard the stalks of green chilli and store in paper bag /glass jar.
  23. While making ghee at home add a piece of ginger while boiling -v get less beri at the bottom.To check if the ghee is done sprinkle few drops of water – if it splutters, it means the ghee is done .Add paan [ betel ] leaves while making ghee adds to the flavour,
  24. Those who don’t eat onion or tomato can add buttermilk + beasn to thicken the gravy.
  25. While kneading flour for bhature add mashed potato and curd for crispy bhature. Adding 1 tsp of milk powder to the bhatura dough makes the baturas oil free and softer.  Take 3 :1 ration of flour and rava. While frying the bhatura the oil should be hot. During summer knead the dough with normal water and in winter use warm water.
  26. Instead of cleaning the coriander leaves – just chop of the bottom ,wrap it in a paper and store .
  27. Store lemons in glass jar in the fridge – it remains fresh for longer time.
  28. Store coconut in fridge -it remains fresh for long time also the water becomes more sweet .
  29. If you add excess salt in gravies / dal / sambar , then just add a ball of wheat in the gravy and boil for sometime.We can also add raw poato and cook it .
  30. If gravy becomes spicy , adjust by adding fresh cream or milk or ghee .
  31. If you have over cooked the rice then place a clean Turkish towl /napkin over the pan and cover the lid – the towel will absorb excess moisture .
  32. If you spill oil – sprinkle little wheat flour over it and clean it .
  33. While grating cheese apply oil on the grater.
  34. While frying pakora add hot oil and a tbsp of  rice flour for crispiness .Add salt to the frying oil – the pakoras will not absorb oil .Also first fry few slit green chilli – it gives flavour to the oil .
  35. Add roasted peanut pwdr to raitas for crunchy texture .
  36. Add little sugar to dosa batter for crispy dosas.You can also add a piece of ginger for flavour .
  37. While making green chutney add a capsicum also – its tastes good and also the quantity doubles. If the chutney becomes watery ,blend a slice of bread. Also while grinding green chutney add few ice cubes to retain the colour. Add ghatiya to sandwich chutney for flavour.
  38. While Making vada for dahi vadas ,add little besan it will not absorb oil .
  39. When the frying pan is hot and while making the first chapatti it sticks to the pan , to avoid this sprinkle little salt and after 40 seconds wipe OR sprinkle little flour and wipe it.
  40. Keep grated cheese in a plate in the fridge for 10 – 15 mins ,later store it in an airtight container .
  1. Use  vinegar + water to finally clean kitchen slab  ones in week while retiring in the night .
  1. Try to clean the kitchen in the night before you sleep ,so that the next day you find easy to start .
  1. It’s difficult to make chapatti of makka. , so add some wheat flour for perfect binding of dough.
  1. While grinding soaked dal for vadas keep jars lid open . so that air incorporates in the batter and vadas / bhalla becomes soft
  1. If we forget to soak sabudana for khichdi, soak it in more  quantity of lukewarm water for atleast half an hour ,then drain and spread on white soft cloth under fan. We get perfect soaked sabudana for khicdi.
  1. Before peeling onions / garlic / shallots / ginger soak them in water for sometime.
  1. While roasting any vegetables over direct fire ,rub oil all over the veges .
  1. If kids don’t eat bottlegourd , then start adding it in pav bhaji .
  1. While making cucumber salad ,apply some ghee .Also while making sandwich apply ghee on the cucumber. Always add salt while serving the salad else it will sweat. After chopping the cucumber rub the edges  , to avoid bitterness.
  1. While making stuffed sandwich apply butter on the bread , so that the bread does not become soggy .
  1. Also while making stuffing for parathas add salt in the end so that the veges don’t sweat and make the stuffing wetty .We can also stir fry the veges before stuffing to avoid wet stuffing.
  1. Always add a pinch of alum/ fitkari to boiling milk along with curd to get softer & whiter paneer.
  1. To clean the microwave use 1 tsp baking powder + 1tsp lime juice mixture with little water. Microwave it for 10mins. Let it set for a while then clean.
  1. Always store drumstick wrapped in wet cloth rather than storing in refrigerator which wil stay fresh for longer time.
  1. Apply cooking oil to lemons  before storing them in the fridge , after applying oil keep the lemons in airtight container.Lemons stay fresh for many days
  1. Add kasoori methi for parathas nd veges it tastes yummy and smells good
  1. Add ghee after making sheera it will be  soft,also use milk n water.
  1. Wash coriander at night whole bunch & let it dry whole night on cloth or newspaper , next day clean/ chop/ store in container with tissue paper in bottom stay long + easy to use
  1. Soak little chana dal with chole.
  1. Add ghee after making upma , dal dhokali or khichadi it tastes good  good texture and makes it  easy for digestion
  1. Use roasted channa pwder in coriander chatani and khaman kakadi instead of ground nut powder it tastes very good and less calorie .
  1. Soak dals n others cerals atleast for more than half an hour to save fuel and reduce cooking time .
  1. Eat lot of salads .Do not consume fruits after dinner.
  1. Add salt while boiling potatoes so that it doesn’t crack.
  1. While cooking methi leaves ,don’t cover and cook else it will become bitter.
  1. To remove burnt smell from food keep a bread slice over it .
  1. While cutting onion if you don’t want tears in ur eyes keep a bowl of water near onion, no tears will come
  2. To avoid having tears while cutting onion keep peeled onion in freezer for 30 mins before chopping. You can also chew a gum while chopping onions .
  1. Keep potatoes and onions separate as onions help potatoes to sprout fast .
  1. Keep citrus fruits and vegetables outside , not in the freeze.
  1. Keep tomatoes upside down , as it helps keep them last long .
  1. Frying oil turns dark put white vinegar , cover and cook on slow flame when spluttering stops , your oil is clear .Reuse it – .for 1 cup oil use 1 cap of vinegar .
  1. Store mushroom in paper bags and try cooking fresh mushroom .
  1. While boiling potatoes in cooker add lemon peel together to avoid blackening of cooker .
  1. While mixing water veges , use spoons for mixing instead of hands .
  1. Clean silver and copper vessels with lemon skin + amchur and surf .
  1. To remove excess salt from vegetables and dal add some wet poha in it and mix well.
  1. Whenever we make masala egg omelet the spices are not mix well in the egg mixture .So before breaking the egg add few drops of water in a bowl then add all the spices mix it well and after that add egg and mix it again .Water helps combine all the spices and egg.
  1. Add paneer / potato to your cutlets it will come very soft.
  1. Make some black coffee ice cubes and add to your coffee shake it will enhance the taste of coffee and even look also .Same you can do with other milkshakes
  1. While kneading the dough for Puri (for travelling), use milk to keep them fresh and soft for longer time.
  1. While adding roasted peanut pwdr to gravy ,grind it with skin to enhance the colour .
  1. While kneading the dough for methi parathas, use only curd (no water).The parathas remain soft for long time
  1. Once in a week put salt in mixer and grind ,blade will become sharp.
  1. When you make plain omlet for kids  – Add Egg + salt + 1 t.spoon milk. It gives nice taste.
  1. For keeping fresh crushed garlic  long time in the fridge without changing in to green colour then add generous amount of salt on it while grinding the garlic . Then store in the jar or bottle with adding little bit approx. 2 to 3 tbs oil. Its become very fresh for long time.
  1. While making masala omelettes add little milk to make soft , fluffy omelettes.
  1. Add arhar dal to chana dal while making puran for poli ,the dal thickens fast .
  1. Put Match sticks in rice box to store rice.
  1. While tempering to avoid burning ,add little salt in the oil before.
  1. Don’t keep boiled potatoes for long time use.
  1. Don’t chop onions and keep for later use ,chop it freshly when required. If you have leftover chopped onions ,then saute it in little oil and store .Use it for cooking veges the next day .
  1. While making thalipith add some sooji and curd in it it will became more tasty and crunchy.
  1. To remove the nasty smell of food from utensils . Make a concoction of water + vinegar and little pril (utensil washing liquid)
  1. For getting maximum juice from lemon rub the lemon with hands on counter top for 15/20 sec it will become soft and u will get more juice out of it.
  1. Mix leftover dal or cooked veges with flour to make parathas .
  1. For binding tikkis ,you can add puffed rice .
  1. If u want thick curd immediately add culture in milk and use double boil technique.
  1. To remove garlic skin, put garlic in any lid box and shake well.
  1. While making punjabi aloo mattar or mattar paneer. Add one grated potato in it while giving pressure in cooker. The gravy becomes thick n gooey.
  1. If lots of ant enter into sugar or rice box etc.’ just open & keep turmeric box into that.
  2. While making Kala channa gravy. Often seen that the gravy becomes runny n channa r separate. For that just grind a handful of channa in mixer after boiling or while making tadka. It becomes homogeneous.
  3. Apply mashed banana over a burn on your body for cooling effect.
  4. While making moong dal pakora add some boiled and smashed potatoes with coriander seeds… Pakoras become  cryspy from outside and soft from inside…
  1. Left over Eliche (cardamom) peels can be added to Tea leaves it gives a good mild flavor to tea.

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