Fondant cake

                                                      FONDANT CAKE

fondant cake

Fondants are made with gelatin + glucose + glycerine + load of powdered sugar. It is used to cover cakes and modelling.Here I have bought store bought [ stores that specialize in cake decorating items ] ready made fondant . A small pkt costing around 150 rs .It comes in different shades/colours .But advisable to buy white so that you can add any colours of your choice ,instead of buying different shades .

Always use fondant at room temperature.If storing longer than a week then refrigerate .Again while using it, bring to room temperature .Do not freeze it .

While using knead it well till soft ,pliable and flexible [ just like chapatti dough ] with clean hands and clean working area as fondant picks up dirt easily .If the fondant is very sticky you can add little icing sugar + cornflour .

While rolling to avoid sticking dust it with cornflour or icing sugar .Also to prevent it from sticking our hands we can rub little oil / cornflour .

Fondant dries quickly so keep it covered with plastic wrap. Store it in plastic bags when not in use .

For storing leftover fondant – roll into a ball or log, coat it with very thin layer of oil ,wrap it in plastic wrap and store it in an airtight container.You can store at room temperature for 1 mnth and in fridge upto 3 mnths .Store bought fondants are better than making the fondants at home.

Any type of food colours and flavours can be added. But add very less flavour or the taste of the cake will be distracted .

HOW TO COVER THE CAKE – bake any cake of your choice ,allow it to cool .


  • Cake
  • buttercream / truffle
  • fondant
  • cornflour / icing sugar for dusting

1  –  Roll out fondant according to the size of your cake with thickness of 0.64 to 0.98 cm .Do not make it very thin as it can tear .If covering a square or rectangle cake then roll into a square or rectangular shape .While rolling if you want to flip ,be careful as it can tear.try rolling without flipping. Also dust little cornflour /powdered sugar on the rolling board or platform.Try rolling without any bumps.roll it gently .

2  –  Apply buttercream or truffle all over the cake, after applying the cream refrigerate for minimum 30 mins. [a thin layer ]

3  –  Now gently lift the rolled fondant and place it on the cake.

4  –  Shape the fondant to the sides of the cake using easy glide smoother .Start shaping from the middle of the cake top portion ,using a smoother .Smooth it outward and down [ remove if any air bubbles.Trim off the excess fondant using sharp knife .[ use a easy glide smoother  – if we use hands to shape there are chances for the fondant to tear ,also we leave hand impressions ]

5  –  After the cake is covered and you see any air bubbles then prick it with a needle to release the air and smoothen the area again.

6  –  Here in this cake I have used ruler to give the impressions of line by gently pressing the ruler.and for placing the golden balls I have first made a hole by inserting a tooth prick. You can also double coat the cake with the cream [ no whip cream pls only buttercream or truflle ] spread a layer first refrigerate for 30 mins again spread a layer refrigerate and then lay the fondant .

***** If we store the fondant cake in fridge there are chances for the fondant to sweat so keep an eye while storing in fridge .It has to be stored in a cool place .

**** Prepare your butter cream and set aside before you start.

instead of butter cream / truffle you can use any thick jam .



fondant cake

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