Kerala banana chips

                                                    KERALA BANANA CHIPS



  • Raw kerala banana [nendran banana ] – 2
  • Oil to deep fry
  • Salt to taste
  • Turmeric pwdr – generous pinch [ optional ]
  • Banana slicer


  1. Make a mixture of salt + turmeric + ¼ cup water .
  2. Slit the banana skin with a knife and peel it .
banana chips

banana chips


Heat oil in a frying pan .

Once the oil becomes hot start slicing the banana either directly in the pan or in a plate and later put it in the pan to fry . [ slice it very very thin ]

Fry by turning it.

Once it becomes crisp, sprinkle 1 tsp of the salt mixture all over the chips in the oil .

Fry till the frying sound [sshhsshhsshh] stops completely .[don’t burn it ]

Remove on an absorbent paper ,

Once it cools ,store it in a air tight container .


  1. Turmeric is optional as kerala banana is already yellow in colour.
  2. In Kerala they fry it in coconut oil .
  3. Be careful while sprinkling the salt water.
  4. I could not peel the skin properly ,so didn’t get round shape of the chips.
  5. This recipe I got from the road side Hot chips shop.
  6. U hav to slice the banana very thinly .
  7. If the chips become soggy ,microwave it for 1 min .

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