How to make kismis at home


how to make kismis at home


Black or green grapes as required – fresh ,ripe and juicy [ not mushy ]


Soak the grapes in water for sometime to loosen the dirt.

Wash thoroughly and rinse  .

Remove the stems .

Pat dry with kitchen towel .

Spread a single layer on a wooden / bamboo / plastic tray that has holes for air to circulate around the fruit.

Place the tray outside in a dry sunny place .

Take the tray inside in the night if it is foggy .

Everyday keep it out in the morning and take it inside in the night .

Keep rotating the fruit for even exposure to the sun .

It takes around 1 week to 2 weeks depending on the strength of the sun rays.

I kept it outside the window which has East facing ,it took 12 days.

If keep on terrace ,it may take less time .

Store in a dry airtight container .


  1. You can also use a dehydrator .
  2. My raisins are long as i have used long grapes .
  3. Use raisins for making cookies / cakes .

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