Mango shrikhand recipe

                                      MANGO SHRIKHAND RECIPE / AMRAKHAND



  • Fresh curd [ not sour ] – 2 cup
  • Sugar powdered –  4 to 5 tbsp  or as per taste
  • Ripe mango – 1 [ alphonso ] around  3/4 cup of mango puree
  • Cardamom pwdr – ¼ tsp
  • Chopped almond and pista – 1 tbsp
  • Few strands of saffron soaked in 1 tbsp milk

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  1. Take the curd in a muslin cloth , tie it tightly and hang it over night or minimum 6 – 8 hrs till the complete water [ whey ] drains out. Once done , keep it in fridge or it will become sour.
  2. Peel , chop and blend the mango pieces into a smooth puree, if you want you can strain it to discard the fibres .



Take the hung curd in a bowl , add sugar and whisk it for 3- 4 minutes.

Add cardamom pwdr + mango puree + chopped dry fruits and mix well .

Refrigerate it , till chill .

Serve chilled by garnishing  with few small pieces of mango + dry fruits + saffron.

Goes well with puri.



  1. You can add saffron soaked in milk and add to the shrikhand.
  2. It is called Amrakhand =  Aam  +  Shrikhand
  3. We can also add chironji.
  4. If you don’t have fresh fruit you can use canned or store bought puree.
  5. I didn’t have muslin cloth so I used my dupatta.
  6. While blending mango don’t add water.
  7. Cardamom flavour has to be more.
  8. Sugar quantity depends on the sweetneess of mango and your taste
  9. The same recipe goes for plain shrikhand  ,just omit mango puree .
  10. You can refrigerate and use it for a day or 2.


Is prepared by tying yoghurt / curd in a muslin and is left to drain for hours or even overnight . The leftover thick curd is known as ‘chakka ‘. Sugar is later added to it with cardamom and saffron and all are blended together .It is served chilled .In Gujrat it is served with khaaja poori. We can give various variations to it just by adding dry fruits / fruit pulps / syrups or artificial flavours.Instead of sugar we can use honey /condensed milk . Sometimes we can prepare a thin version of it just by adding milk / water / curd called as Piyush or Shedki .

Also what I noticed was if we freeze it in the freezer forfew hrs ,our frozen yoghurt is ready ,very much similar to ice creams made with fresh cream – use curd with less sourness and your ice cream is ready .

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