Perfect idli recipe


  • IDLIS are traditional SouthIndian breakfast [ healthiest nutritious breakfast ] made with fermented rice + dal batter in different ratios. Served with sambar + chutney + molgapodi  [gunpowder ].
  • It is also a great combo for SouthIndian non veg gravies.
  • Idli with sambar is a complete meal .
  • You can always experiment with different ingredients like ragi ,millets ,bajra etc.
  • It is a healthy food as it is steamed.
  • A great souce of carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Fermentation enhances vitamin B.
  • Idli contains only 65 calories.
  • Idlis are light for digestion.
  • It fights gastric problems.

FEW TIPS FOR SOFT IDLIS – U can try different ratios. I have given few recipes below with different ratio of dal and rice.Also sharing different recipes made with idlis. [leftover ]

  1. Use good quality of dal and rice .
  2. Batter ground in wet stone grinder is better than mixer grounded .
  3. While grinding in mixer ,don’t overload .If grinding a big quantity , give mixie a resting time – else the batter also becomes hot as we grind it .
  4. In very hot weather 8 hrs of fermentation is enough.
  5. Flat idlis means too much of urad dal .
  6. Use whole skinless round urad dal.
  7. We get special rice for idli -ask for it – parboiled rice or idli rice.
  8. Soak rice and dal separately ,also grind it separately.
  9. Wash and rinse the dal and rice well until water runs clear.
  10. Add less methi seeds.
  11. Consistency of batter is important – if watery then idlis will be flat and sticky ,also the batter should not be very thick. It should be of medium thick flowing consistency.
  12. Always use a steamer for steaming – don’t use microwave for making idlis.
  13. Don’t steam for more than 10 – 12 mins.
  14. Some add sour curd to the batter in cold weather to help in fermentation .
  15. If you have old fermented batter,add it to the fresh batter for quick fermentation – the old batter acts as starter culture. [try storing little old fermented batter in the fridge.
  16. Fermented batter should be stored in fridge else it will become sour .
  17. Oversteaming is also not good.
  18. After steaming .let it rest for few minutes before demoulding.
  19. If storing fermented batter ,the next day use it for dosa and after few day use it for appe.
  20. Before placing the mould in the steamer the water should be hot .
  21. Idli batter can be frozen for more than a mnth -thaw it by keeping it in fridge for 24 hrs.
  22. Use batter at room temperature.
  23. If the batter is very watery the dosas will stick to the pan – add rice flour and adjust.
  24. Always use hands for mixing the batter.
  25. After fermentation also beat the batter well before steaming it .
  26. Soaking should be for atleast 3 hrs.
  27. Use warm water to soak for reducing soaking time.[not hot]
  28. If idli batter is little watery ,steam it by laying a muslin cloth on the mould.
  29. Always grind by adding less water .
  30. In cold weather use ¼ tsp baking soda .
  31. Also adding baking soda gives white idli.
  32. Minimum 10 – 12 hrs of fermentation.[batter becomes bubbly ]
  33. Over fermentation will lead to sourness.
  34. If the batter is not fermented well ,use eno.
  35. Add a fistful of poha or murmura while grinding .Just soak 5 mins before grinding .
  36. Same batter goes for dosa ,dilute it little by adding water .
  37. Try storing batter without fermentation- ferment the required quantity.
  38. Don’t use aluminium vessel for fermenting or storing the batter .
  39. U can add a pinch of baking soda before steaming.
  40. Don’t make the batter watery. If it is thick we can add water later.
  41. In colder regions – preheat the oven @ 200 * F , off the oven and place the batter inside the oven for fermenting .
  42. Sometimes in cold regions it takes 2 days for fermentation .

INGREDIENTS – We use parboiled rice OR idli rice OR a combination of both the rice with whole skinless urad dal in different proportion .

DIFFERENT IDLI BATTER RECIPES [ with different ratios of dal and rice ]- click on the names below :- 

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