Real guava juice



  • Pink guava – 1 kg
  • Sugar as required – 150 or 200 gms or as per the taste
  • Water as required


Peel the guava and chop into small pieces .

Blend it in a mixie with sugar + water .[ water should be 1 inch above the guavas level in the mixie jar]

Blend it into smooth sauce .[ don’t worry the seeds will not get crushed ] – don’t grind in a long stretch .Give intervals while blending.

Strain the juice through a soup strainer to discard the seeds .


The guava sauce will be thick .

Adjust more water and  sugar as required .

Check the taste and adjust accordingly .

Transfer the sauce to a pan on medium flame .

Allow it to boil .

After the first boil , let it boil for 2 or 3 mins on low flame .

Allow the mixture to cool .

Once it cools ,refrigerate it till chill and serve .


You can make the thick guava pulp in bulk and store. While serving add chilled water and serve .


  1. If making with green guava , add a small piece of beetroot for colour.
  2. You have to add more water as guavas pulp texture is thick .
  3. Instead of sugar we can use honey ,but honey has to be added while serving .
  4. While serving ,you can sprinkle chaat masala .
  5. Also you can add lemon juice .
  6. You can also add few pieces of pineapple while grinding .
  7. You can add black salt .
  8. You can make popsicles from the juice ,sprinkle chilli pwdr and serve.
  9. Guava goes well with spicy flavor ,you can add pepper pwdr or chilli pwdr or some even add green chilli .
  10. You can add ginger juice.

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