Rice recipes

RICE – the staple food of India.It comes in different colour,texture and size with different names.2 main types are raw rice and parboiled rice. Also there are different methods to cook it .

Clean , wash, rinse and soak the rice for 10 minutes . Before cooking rice ,always soak it ,if regular rice then soak for 10 mins  / for basmati 15 – 30 mins / for brown rice or parboiled little more time. For eating with gravies the rice has to be soft .For biryani /pulao /fried rice the rice has to be grainy and separate .Refrigerate the rice for sometimes or use leftover rice from the fridge for fried rice.Cooking in excess water will lead to sticky rice.If your rice gets over cooked then try making curd rice or fryums or cutlets .If the rice is of sticky quality – then wash the rice in several waters before cooking to remove the excess starch .Sometimes while cooking rice by absorption method or cooker method the rice hardens after sometimes – We can recook it by using boiling method .For kerala brown matta rice the ratio of water is 1 : 10 cup, also some soak in hot water .

1 Cooking in excess water [quick boil method – I prefer this method]  – Boil 5 cup of water .when the water starts boiling add 1 cup of soaked rice .[ here 5 mins soaking is enough ].Cook on medium flame by covering the pan half with a lid . [be careful sometimes the water spills ].Add salt .[ cook rice with salt .Once the rice is cooked – check by pressing the grain there should be no grits [ 90 % cooked – it gets cooked more due to the heat in the pan ]. Immediately off the flame cover the lid fully ,tilt the pan and drain the excess water.In south we put clips and keep it tilted for sometime .By doing so we remove the excess starch .the water drained is called kanji – which can be consumed / also it can be used for starching cotton sarees.some recipes like porridge /kanji and khichdi are made by adding extra water .

2 – Rice cooked in pan with a ratio of 1 : 2  [absorption method ]- Soak the rice. Take 1 cup of soaked rice + 2 cup of water in a pan .Cook it till done and complete water evaporates .[for soft rice take  2 ¼ cup of water ]

3 –  Cooking in cooker – 1 cup rice : 2 cup water – 2  whistles .depending on the quality of rice and your cooker.

4 – Cooking in electric cooker – follow the instruction given with the cooker.

5 – Seasoning the rice first   – giving tadka of ghee and spices , then adding rice + water and cooking till soft .

6 Microwave cooking

[ In some places the rices are cooked by steaming.]


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