Soft spongy dosa

                                           SOFT SPONGY DOSA / KAL DOSAI


  • Raw rice – 1 cup
  • Boiled rice /ukda chawal – 1 cup
  • Whole skinless urad dal – ½ cup
  • Puffed rice / kurmura – ½ cup or a fistful
  • Fenugreek seeds /methi seeds – 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Ghee /oil to drizzle


Clean ,wash ,rinse and soak both the rice in little hot or warm water for 4 to 5 hrs .[not boiling ]

Clean ,wash ,rinse and soak the dal with fenugreek seeds for 3 to 4 hrs

Before you start grinding add the puffed rice just 10 mins before in the rice to get soaked.

Grind the rice to a smooth batter by adding very little water .[ first grind without water afterwards drizzle or add little water ] remove it in a container .

Now drain and grind the urad dal to a smooth batter by adding little water . Add this batter in the rice batter and mix well with clean hands .

Batter should be of medium consistency ,not thick or very thin .

Add salt  ,mix well  and keep overnight for fermentation. [ 8 or  10 or 12 hrs depending on climate ] Refer here for tips – Fermentation



The next day again mix the batter well .

Heat a tava on medium high flame .

Once the tava becomes hot , pour a ladle of batter in the centre and spread it to make a thick dosa .

Drizzle little oil or ghee around the dosa.

After spreading u will see holes appearing everywhere now lower the flame to lowest ,cover with a lid and cook .

***The top portion has to get cooked by the steam moving inside the lid as we are not going to flip this dosa .

Remove the dosa once it is cooked .[ 1 or 1 ½ min – be careful it should not burn from down ]

When you touch the top part of the dosa it should not be sticky, it will have a texture like idli .

Serve hot with any SouthIndian accompaniments like chutney and sambar or even non-veg gravy or veg korma. [ here I have served with fried onion chutney ]


  1. Once the dosa is done spread little molgapodi all over .
  2. You can also make it sweet by sreading little freshly grated coconut + sugar / jaggery + drizzle ghee – here u have to flip for sometime for the sugar to melt.


  1. I soaked in hot water as it helps in grinding the rice into smooth batter without any grits and also reduces soaking time .
  2. You can also soak in normal water .
  3. On one side it will be white and other side will be brown.
  4. Instead of kurmura you can add a fistful of poha .
  5. Adding fenugreek seeds gives a nice aroma to the dosa .
  6. Y not drizzle butter .
  7. This dosa remains soft after few hrs – good for travelling .
  8. Before making a new dosa drizzle little oil and wipe with a wet cloth.

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