Tips for buying and cooking fish

                                                  TIPS FOR BUYING AND COOKING FISH

tips for fish

Fish are lean a healthy source of proteins and omega – 3 fats .Eating fish twice a week is good.Fish is among the healthiest food on the earth

Points to keep in mind while buying fish .

  1. Always buy fresh fish.
  2. Cook on the same day of buying instead of storing in fridge .
  3. The eyes have to be bright / shinny / bulgy and clear not dull / sunken / hazy.
  4. It should have metallic shine all over the body and not discoloured.
  5. The scales should be tightly bound .
  6. It should not have a bad odour .It should smell fresh . It should have salty smell of the beach.
  7. Gills have to be bright red in colour and not faded.
  8. Avoid farmed fish [ breeded ] go for freshly caught from sea / ocean / lakes.
  9. When you press the fish with thumb it should not create any impression / indention or finger prints , the flesh should bounce back on pressing.
  10. If buying fillets ,it should not have any milky substances oozing out – it means it is about to rot .
  11. Fillets should be bright , firm flesh without any gaps.

More tips

  • Kingfish / shrimps should not be had on regular basis as its mercury content is high.
  • Salmon ,tuna ,sardines etc are oily kind of fish full of omega – 3 fats.
  • Try to have atleast 100 – 200 gms of fish per week .
  • Cooking time for fish depends on the size and thickness of it .[ 10 – 20 mins ]
  • While frying 5 mins on each side .
  • Never overcook the fish , even prawns when overcooked becomes rubbery.
  • Clean / cut / wash and rinse well to remove excess blood if any .
  • While washing do rub some salts over the fish and rinse again to avoid smell.
  • Marinate the fish with turmeric and salt and keep aside for 10 mins.
  • While cleaning the prawns remember to devein it .there are 2 veins – the upper one has to be removed. – I usually give the prawns a butterfly cut .
  • Crab – has many health benefits – full of phosphorous /calcium . How to clean a crab – turn it upside down and pull the triangle shaped flap opening with spongy substances. Pull the outer shell , remove the spongy gills and discard .Twist and pull apart the claws. Chop of the sharp pointed edges of the claws .Wash and rinse well .If it is small crab keep it whole ,else chop it into 2. For images refer to my crab recipe .


  1. Fish is high in many nutrients like high quality proteins , iodine ,various vitamins ,minerals ,vitamin – D and omega – 3 fatty acids.
  2. Eating one serving per week reduces risk of heart attacks /strokes.
  3. Omega – 3 fatty acids are essential for development of brain and eyes .It is highly recommended for expecting and nursing mothers .
  4. Fatty fish is an excellent source of vitamins – 40 % of people have this deficiency .


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