Tips for buying and cooking mutton

                                             MUTTON RECIPES [  How to buy and cook mutton  ]

Lamb meat or goat meat  .Meat from younger ones are more tender than older ones.

Meat of  a sheep / goat less than a year old is pale pink or pale red , whereas meat of the ones more than a yr old is deep red – the meat is tough. Adult animal has more fats than younger ones. Compared to chicken ,mutton is better .


  1. It is a nutrient dense food.
  2. Meat contains saturated fats and low cholesterol. good for heart.
  3. It has high amount of vitamin B 12.
  4. **Good for the baby during pregnancy.
  5. It has lot of proteins.
  6. Also rich in omega – 3 fatty acids.
  7. Helps in weight control. helps in burning fats.
  8. It is good for brain development. [memory ]
  9. It helps in production of new cells.
  10. It repairs and maintains red blood cells
  11. It strengthens immune system.
  12. It has higher amount of iron than chicken.


  • ·     Always go for fresh meat. Don’t keep raw meat outside for along time .Refrigerate it and use .
  • ·         *****Clean /cut /wash and rinse and soak the mutton in water for atleast 20 mins to remove the excess blood to prevent meaty smell. Drain the excess water and then use the meat.
  • ·         Chop off the fatty parts . If too much fats ,then reduce the quantity of oil while cooking .
  • ·         Meat of big animals has to be cooked well.
  • ·         Marination is an important step in cooking meat .More the margination better the taste.
  • ·         Curd /vinegar /raw papaya paste are good tenderizers .We also get ready made tenderizer pwdrs.
  • ·         It should be cooked on high flame first , to seal the juices and later on low flame  for tenderness .
  • ·         Don’t add salt in the beginning .
  • ·         Meat of younger animals are tender and tastes better .It has to be pink /soft and firm . Don’t buy red and wrinkled meat – they will be tough .
  • ·         Marinate for long time. Minimum 30 mins or overnight is better .
  • ·         Always saute the mutton for 3 to 4 minutes in the masalas before proceeding or adding water.
  • ·         Cover and cook for soft juicy mutton .
  • While cooking mutton , add a small piece of coconut shell (clean well)…it act as tenderizer

chettinad mutton curry

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