Tricolour jelly pudding

                                        TRICOLOUR / TIRANGA JELLY PUDDING


  • Milk – 500 ml
  • Sugar – 5 tbsp or as per taste
  • Water -1 cup
  • Agar agar / china grass – 5 gms or 3 tbsp
  • Green colour + pista flavour or  cardamom essence
  • Orange food colour + orange flavour
  • Colourless flavour of your choice
  • Small transparent cups or bowls


Cut or blend the agar agar into fine bits .

Soak it in 1 cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes .

Boil it on low flame till it dissolves completely.


Boil the milk with sugar on medium heat.

When it starts boiling add the china grass mixture.

Keep on stirring till the whole mixture mixes well . [keep stirring or it will stick and burn at the bottom]

Off the flame when it thickens.

Divide it into 3 bowls – 1 ] in one bowl add green colour + pista or any other essence . 2 ] second bowl add orange colour + orange essence . 3 ] third bowl don’t add colour just keep it white and add colourless essence .

Take the mould and pour green colour mixture , tap it and refrigerate for 10 – 12 minutes till it sets .

Remove and pour the white colour mixture.

Again refrigerate for 10 – 12 minutes .

Finally pour the orange colour mixture .

Cool it and then refrigerate it for minimum 2-3 hrs or overnight.

Demould it and serve it chilled.

tricolour jelly pudding


  1. The process of boiling has to be done at very low flame.
  2. While keeping the pudding to set at each stage , the mixture kept aside may thicken ,you can reheat it on low flame before pouring or keep the mixture in a bowl  immersed in another bowl with hot water.
  3. By chopping or blending the china grass , it dissolves fast.
  4. You need not grease the mould it has to be dry.
  5. You can even strain the pudding before pouring it in the mould.
  6. To give variations use any essence + colour.
  7. You can make of any single flavour ,if making chocolate flavour ,you can drizzle caramel sauce or chocolate sauce.
  8. For demoulding don’t use a knife , just press lightly around the edges of the pudding and invert it on a plate upside down.
  9. For white colour mixture don’t use vanilla essence else the colour will change ,use any colourless essence .
  10. Together with orange essence you can add few drops of vanilla essence ,it enhances the flavour of orange .
  11. If using small moulds then setting time will be less .
  12. Instead of milk you can use coconut milk or any juice .

WHAT IS CHINA GRASS / AGAR AGAR ? [this information about china grass is from net]

CHINA GRASS / AGAR AGAR is a vegetable substitute for is a sea weed and completely comes in the form of flakes or powder. It gives a smooth and glossy finish.

TIPS FOR USING IT ­– Break it into small pieces or powder it ,soak it for 15 minutes ,boil it till it dissolves completely on low flame , keep stirring while boiling or it settles down. Do not over cook,off the flame as soon as it dissolves completely. This mixture has to be added to another hot mixture immediately. Both the mixtures have to be hot to set nicely. If any of the mixture is cold then it will not set properly. If it solidifies again you can reheat it on low flame till it melts .

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