Virgin coconut oil




  • Big / fully matured coconuts with thick kernels – 6



Break the coconut into 2 and grate /scrape /chop itno small pieces using sharp knife .

Now take the coconut in the big mixie jar + warm water and grind well into fine paste .[ 1 cup of coconut  :  ½ cup water ]

Use a muslin cloth or strainer to strain the milk .Squeeze tightly with your hands .

Once again blend the remains with little water to extract the second milk .

Again strain it by squeezing well .

Once again repeat the process to get the third milk.

The waste product can be dried and used as coconut flour for making cookies .

Keep the coconut milk in fridge overnight .



Take the top frozen part with a spoon in a thick bottom pan and start cooking on medium flame .

Keep stirring .

After some time ,you will see the milk solids colour changing into brown.

The whole house will become aromatic.

Cook till the milk solids crumble and settle down and you see oil floating.

***Don’t allow the residue to turn dark ,this will change the colour and aroma of the oil .

Strain the oil to separate it from the residue.

6 big coconuts will give around 200 ml oil .

Can be stored upto 6 mnths.

Process pic by Joannette


  1. Don’t discard the residue ,they taste yum – some enjoy with rice .It is safe for consumption.
  2. You can also use dry coconut ,they have high content of oil .
  3. Instead of keeping the milk in fridge ,you can use the milk directly and boil it – it will take more time to cook .
  4. The colour of the oil will depend on how long you cook .If the residue becomes brown ,the oil colour will be dark .
  5. Virgin coconut oil is very good for massaging babies.

Anjali plastic scraper – very quick

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