Kadai nankhatai



1 cup – mixed flour [maida + wheat flour + besan in equal measures] (apprx. 4 tbsp each flour)
½ – cup powdered sugar.
1/3 cup – ghee [little less than ½ cup]
2 no’s – cardamom [remove the skin]
1 Pinch of – baking soda
2 pinch of – baking powder                                                                                                                                               Jam as required [ any flavour ]


Sieve all the flour + baking soda + baking powder twice.
Take a big mixie jar and blend all the ingredients. [sieved flour + sugar + ghee + cardamom ] While blending you can ghee little by little.
Blend all the ingredients together till you get a soft dough.
Remove in a big plate and knead well.

Make equal size balls flatten it a bit between your both palms. Give any shape using cookie cutter.                           I have rolled it with roll pin and used a cutter to give shape.
Now make a not so deep hole [ depression ] in the centre with ur fingers add jam in it                                                    Take a baking tin ,tray or plate and dust little maida flour over it.
Arrange it on the baking tray giving little place in between 2 cookies.

kadai nankhatai

Preheat   [ to make the vessels hot by covering it before baking ]  your KADHAI / COOKER / PATEELA for 5 mins on full flame  or medium flame for 10 mins.

Then place a ring or steel plate in it..

Lower the flame .

Place the cookies tray over it , cover the kadai and bake on LOWEST  flame for 15 min or till done.[check  notes below ]

Once done allow it to cool.

Remove and store in airtight containers .

Enjoy these little treats with tea or coffee.


Bake in preheated oven for 15 – 20 mins at 180 *C

For more details on baking without oven in a kadai / pan / patheela / cooker click here – Cooker cake

♡ Check after 15 minutes if the bottom of the cookie is become fluffy and the bottom of it has turned brown.if not then again bake for 3-4 mins.
♡ If there is excess ghee then the cookies may not become fluffy ,then you can add little more flour and knead it.
♡ If there is less ghee the cookies may break.
♡ The flour should be at room temperature. [ not refrigerated ]
♡ After blending you can add a 1 tbsp or more of dessicated coconut to get a coconut cookie.
♡ Place any dry fruits on top like chopped pista /cashew/almonds or even jam.
♡ While adding ghee be careful add little by little.
♡ The dough should hold its shape.
♡ If you feel you have added extra ghee then add little more flour..
♡ Cooking time may vary acc to diff ovens.
♡ You can also try a combo of wheat flour ¾ cup + 1/4 cup maida.
♡ I made around 15 cookies from 1 cup flour.
♡ Instead of cardamom you can add vanilla essence 1/2 tsp or you can give cinnamom flavour by adding ¼ tsp of cinnamom pwdr.
♡ You can also give a try with raagi flour +maida.
♡ Instead of ghee you can add butter or even oil.
♡ Ghee adds lot of flavour.

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