Tender coconut milkshake

                                                     TENDER COCONUT MILKSHAKE


Tender coconut  – 1  [ with water + tender flesh ]

Vanilla ice cream – 2 or 3 scoops


Refrigerate the coconut water and tender flesh [ malai ] till chilled.


Take coconut water + tender flesh + 1 or 2 scoop of vanilla icecream in a blending jar or mixie jar and blend well till frothy .

Pour in a tall glass and top it with a scoop of icecream

Serve with a straw .


  1. I also tried with butterscotch ice cream it was yum .
  2. You can also add crushed ice ,but I dont like adding ice to mocktails /juices .[ once the ice melts ,the consistency becomes watery – so use chilled ingredients ]
  3. Don’t use thick coconut .
  4. Adjust icecream as per your taste ,if the coconut water and flesh is not sweet add more icecream to balance the sweetness .

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