Perfect soft phulka

                                   PERFECT SOFT FLUFFY CIRCLE PHULKAS by Tamanna Bhagwati Sinha

phulka recipe



  • Whole wheat flour / gehu ka atta – 2 cups
  • Water – ¾ cup or 1 cup depending on the quality of flour
  • Salt – ½ tsp
  • Oil – 1 ½ tsp
  • Flour for dusting
  • Butter / oil /  ghee as required
  • Tongs

**** very important ,use flour of good quality. Water quantity depends on the quality of the flour on how much the flour absorbs.


Take the flour + oil + salt in a big plate or mixing bowl .

Now slowly keep adding water little by little .

As you add water start gathering the flours together .

Once all the flours come together and form a mixture ,start applying pressure with knuckles and edge of the palms and start kneading it . [ 5 – 7 mins ]

If it is hard drizzle little water OR if it is sticky add extra flour .

Knead it into a soft and pliable dough by punching and kneading using your palms.

Cover the dough and keep aside for minimum 20 mins or more .

Divide the dough into equal portions around 12 – 15 lemon size .

Roll each portion into small smoothy balls without cracks.

Heat a tava or frying pan on medium flame .

Take one ball ,flatten it with your hands and dust it with dry flour .

Start rolling from the centre to the edges eith even thickness all over –

Keep dusting with dry flour and Roll into a disc of 6 “.

Put the disc on the hot tava and cook till you see bubbles – ¼ th cooked for 30 seconds .

Flip it and again cook till you see few bubbles – ½  cooked for 40 seconds .

Using a tong lift the phulka and put it on direct flame with the first side facing the fire or  mesh .[ jaali ] The flame has to be high .

Wait for few seconds for the phukas to puff up.

****If you don’t want to put on direct flame , increase the flame and  start gently pressing the phulkas with a ladle on the tava .

Once it puffs up from all sides ,remove and keep it in a hot box lined with kitchen towel / soft cloth .Apply little ghee all over and close the box to keep it soft .

Repeat the same procedure with all the balls.

Serve hot with any veg / non veg  side dish .


  1. After making few phulkas or chapattis the tava becomes very hot which makes the chapatti stick to the tava – drizzle few drops of oil and wipe with a wet cloth .
  2. Phulkas are supposed to be served hot .
  3. Softer the dough better the phulkas .
  4. Keep the dough covered else it will dry.
  5. Some knead the flour with luke warm water / some use milk .
  6. We can roll all the chapatti first ,keep it covered and roast it later .
  7. There should be no holes else it will not puff .
  8. Sieve the flour to remove impurities .
  9. While kneading add little water at a time.
  10. Roll it evenly .

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