Homemade gola recipe

                                                                                            ICE GOLA



  • Ice cubes – 2 or 3 trays
  • Flavoured squash or thick syrup or roohafza  as required
  • Lemon juice
  • Chaat masala
  • Milkmaid
  • Ice cream sticks



**We have to be very quick while making golas as the ice melts fast.

Fill half of the mixie jar with ice cubes and blend it well .

Take a small glass or paper cup ,place the stick in the centre and fill the glass with crushed ice. [bend the stick from front ]

After filling the glass ,press it well from all sides ,so that there is no gap .

The gola should be tight ,so that the stick is held properly.

Gently pull the gola and pour the squash or syrup over it .

You can drizzle few drops of lemon juice or sprinkle little chaat masala.

You can also pour milkmaid over it.

Serve in a glass with with extra syrup poured in the glass , so that you can dip +  sip + lick.



Instead of making with stick ,you can take the crushed ice in a bowl , pour the syrup over it sprinkle chaat masala or pour milkmaid and serve with a spoon.[ you can aslo top it with chopped dry fruits after add milkmaid ]

gola recipe


Take crushed ice in a glass,add soaked sabja seeds [ basil seeds used in falooda ] ,add milkmaid and little chilled water and serve as juice .




  1. Don’t fill the jar fully or the blade will get stuck
  2. The syrup as to be very thick.
  3. At a time you can make 2 or 3 golas.
  4. Instead of syrup ,you can use thick fresh fruit juice .
  5. You can add multiflavoured syrup at one time and add multiflavoured gola .

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