Home made sweet sour red chilli sauce





  • 1/2  kg fresh red chillies
  • ( around 250 gms )
  • Lemon juice – 150 or 160 ml
  • 300 gms sugar oras per taste
  • Salt to taste


Clean, wash and dry the red chillies on a cloth.

Remove  stems and deseed the chillies.

Cut them into halves.

Now grind the red chillies to fine puree by adding little lemon juice at a time.

Finish grinding all chillies and lemon juice into batches.

Heat a heavy bottom pan, with sugar and 1 cup of water.

Cook till the sugar melts completely – keep stirring .

Once the sugar melts ,lower the flame .

Add red chilli puree to the sugar syrup.

Let it roll boil for 7 – 8 mins .  [ till you get a semi thick consistency like sauce ]

Add salt and cook for 2 more mins.

Remove from flame and let it cool.

Fill into sterilized glass jars and store into deep freezer.


  1. Need to Store into freezer as no preservatives are added.
  2. Adjust water as per the consistency you want .
  3. While cooking towards the end we can add corn flour slurry for smooth texture – after adding cook for 2 or 3 minutes by stirring continuously .
  4. You can serve this sauce with fasting snacks too.
  5. You can add garlic while grinding chillies. That will turn into sweet chilli garlic sauce.
  6. You can adjust sugar according to taste.
  7. The sauce is not much spicy as we have removed the seeds .
  8. The chilli I have used is less spicy – if you use more spicy chilli then increase the quantity of sugar and lemon juice .
  9. We can use this sauce for salad dressing / Chinese cuisines / as dips / chaat items etc.
  10. Adjust consistency as per your want .

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